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70s_hogwartsmod's Journal

That 70's Hogwarts Moderator
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is the Moderator community for the livejournal roleplay That 70's Hogwarts.

This community is completely ooc. Our ic community is 70s_hogwarts

Here is where you'll find site updates, OOC messages from the mun's who play the characters, and the likes.

This community will also be used as a message board - where you can talk about anything related to TSH (That 70's Hogwarts).

Anyone can join, but please be sure to follow the rules, okay? Because we have the powaa.

The Rules:
  • Be kind and curtious to everyone. That means, respect other people's opinions. It's alright to disagree, but please respect what other's may think or like. And if you have any problem's with other members, don't be afraid to let us know.
  • No roleplay journals of any kind whatsoever. The only rp journals allowed are those who are a part of the rp - and everything they post in here will be ooc. If an rp journal joins, we will delete you from the community.
  • No spam. Spam and we'll murder you. Yes that is a threat.
  • Jellow and Tori are Mommies of this comunity. Respect us or die.